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Important  information about generators

Important information about generators

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Important information about generators

Many a time, we find ourselves in a situation when we are doing some important and urgent work on the computer or there is a party at home and the lights go off. A power cut at such a time can be a frustrating experience. Hence, it is necessary to have generators so that one can have continuous supply of electricity when there are power cuts. For that, many people buy small generators that are easily portable and suffice the needs of their house when there are power cuts.

There are several companies that are into the business of manufacturing and supplying generators. But one name that stands out for its quality and service is Honda. Going for a Honda generator will always be a satisfying experience.

You need to be sure that you purchase a generator that can supply power to all the required appliances and equipments when there is a power cut. So it is important for you gauge the total requirement (power is calculated in terms of ‘watts’) and then go in for the desired generator that can meet your complete needs. You will have to see the maximum number of appliances that will need to be in operation simultaneously if there is a power cut and calculate the amount of power that is required to start and run each appliance and make a complete total of it.

See to it that you do not use maximum power from your generator. Around 90% of power should be used if you want the generator to last long. For example, the generator can take a load of 2000 watts of power, then use it to supply only 1800 watts of power.

While placing your generator at home, see to it that there is space of around 4 feet on all sides and also above the generator. It should be generally placed outside, in a place where there is ample fresh air available for cooling.

It is important to note that you must not provide power to your portable generator directly from a wall outlet. This can lead to damage not only to the generator but can also cause severe injury to the lineman who must be working on the generator. At times, death can also result. So take proper care and connect your generator to a manual transfer switch through which you can supply power to the appliances that are only needed at that time.

Always keep the space around the generator dry and clean. See to it that there is no fuel spilt on the generator or near it. Also never put fuel in the generator when it is in operation.

Also learn to use power efficiently. This is an art that one can learn with knowledge and experience. You will learn to use the power to provide electricity to maximum appliances at a time. To learn more about power management, you can click on the following link,


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