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How to Save Time and Money at Lowe's

How to Save Time and Money at Lowe's

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There are lots of ways in which various stores save you time and money. Some have sales, some have reward programs, others have rebates - and the list goes on and on.

If I had only one word to describe how Lowe's helps you save time and money, that word would be: convenience. From all angles, it seems that Lowe's policies are tailor-made to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible for its customers.

In my opinion, one of the outstanding ways that Lowe's accomplishes this is the almost nonexistent gap between online and offline shopping. I frequently find stores that keep you hopping between online and offline in order to find the best offers and greatest savings. Not at Lowe's. All items are available both online and off; in the few categories where that might not be the case (such as Special Values), everything is marked clearly as online, offline or both. Even their regular prices are virtually the same, despite the fact that Lowe's is a national chain and one would assume that prices would differ. Lowe's does its utmost to ensure that any differences in price are held to a minimum. This advantage already saves you time, since you have fewer details to keep track of.

So, how to save time and money at Lowe's? Here are our suggestions:

1) Newsletters. As with any other store, sign up for Lowe's e-mail newsletter. It will keep you notified of sales and special offers, as well as events.

2) Rebates. Some people feel that mail-in rebates are a waste of time, but they don't take more than a few minutes and the savings can be very worthwhile. For example, just this week Lowe's was offering $150-$700 cash rebates on selected kitchen appliances made by Kitchenaid.

The forms can be downloaded, and you can even check the status of your rebate online.

3) Special Services. One of the major ways to save time and money at Lowe's is by taking advantage of their special services. Here are four important ones:

Free Parcel Shipping: Lowe's offers free parcel shipping on purchases of $49.00 and more. While this may not help you if you need the item immediately, it will save you money if you can wait, and is especially useful for those who like to buy gifts in advance.

Installation Services: While installation services are (generally speaking) not free, they're definitely worth it. Lowe's has professionally trained installers who are constantly being rated by customers. They will see the job through from start to finish, and since you're dealing with a national company and not a local one (or two) man show, you know that there's backup should there be any problems. In addition, if you finance an installation with Lowe's, you can finance the cost of the labor as well.

Extended Warranties: Lowe's offers extended warranties that are divided into two categories: appliances that cost over $200.00, and those that cost under that amount. While there are (obviously) differences between the warranties on the two price ranges, it is a service worth looking into. This can save you lots of time - Lowe's guarantees service on refrigerators within 48 hours, and service on all other appliances within 72 - as well as money on expensive parts that are no longer covered by the original warranty offered by the company. Some features of the extended warranties include %100 parts and labor coverage, up to $250 food spoilage protection, rental reimbursements, surge protection and 24/7 toll-free customer assistance. On the smaller appliances, Lowe's offers one-time product replacement, and on the larger one they guarantee that they will replace it if it can't be fixed.

Special Orders: If you can't find the item you want from among the 40,000 items that Lowe's carries, don't panic - they have approximately 500,000 additional items available on special order. The actual stores have special order catalogs in each department, and salespeople are ready to offer computer assistance in tracking down the item you're looking for if you don't find it in the catalogue.

4) Credit Services. Lowe's has two credit centers, one for consumers and the other for businesses. While there are no reward systems connected with these credit cards, they do offer other advantages that are worth checking into, especially for frequent do-it-yourselfers. For consumers, there are two credit cards available: the credit card and the project card. The credit card is more for everyday purchases, and offers exclusive financing offers and no annual fee, as well as low monthly payments. The project card is for - you guessed it - major home improvement projects, and includes a six month window in which you have no payments to make and no accruing interest. There is no annual fee for the project card, and no pre-payment penalties. Lowe's business credit center also offers two cards, one for small to medium businesses with minimum monthly payments, and one for medium to large businesses that pay in full each month. All credit accounts can be managed and paid online.

5) How-To Libraries and Clinics. These services are invaluable because they enable you to handle more home improvement projects on your own. Lowe's has an extensive library of home improvement projects available to the public, where you can find information on just about any project you please. The free clinics are there to teach you hands on skills, and there are even clinics for children! In addition, the online Project Center offers how-to guides on projects galore, complete with user-friendly illustrations. The project center also has an interactive design tool and interactive planner, as well as buying guides to help you find the exact appliance you need.

Whether you're buying an appliance or landscaping your garden, looking for a great birthday gift or redesigning your kitchen, these suggestions will help you to save time and money at Lowe's. For more information (there's a limit to how much we can offer here!) go to www. lowes.com, or check out your local store. And if you find ways to save time and money that we didn't list, feel free to let us know so that we can spread the word!

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