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How to Save Time and Money at Linens n Things

How to Save Time and Money at Linens n Things

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Some stores are just fun to shop. Linens and Things is one of them. As the name implies, they have lots more than "just" linens! You can find everything from outdoor grills to fine china there. And the best part is that there are ways you can save money on their already very reasonable prices.

The first way to save time and money at Linens and Things is, of course, to sign up for their email newsletter. That will keep you updated on all sales, and will also give you sneak previews on upcoming special offers.

The second thing that can be very worthwhile is to get a Linens and Things credit card. In addition to a 10% discount on your first purchase at any Linens and Things, you'll also get a ten dollar reward certificate for every $250 that you spend. There are special offers and discounts for cardholders, and there's no annual fee. You can view and pay your bill online, too, for extra convenience.

When shopping online, don't forget to check out the special offers and clearance sections. The special offers include all kinds of mail in rebates and free gifts with purchases that can make your money go a lot further than you thought. And the clearance section has a large variety of items - some of them at rock-bottom prices of up to 75% off the regular price!

For those of you who get nervous about shopping online because you're afraid you might not really know what you're buying, relax. Linens and Things has a 60 day money back guarantee on all online purchases. So if you're not fully satisfied with whatever you've bought, you can receive a full refund (minus shipping and handling, of course).

And, speaking of shipping and handling, here's another way to save money at Linens and Things. Many of the items at lnt.com are available for in-store pickup. They're clearly marked, and all you have to do is type in your zip code for a list of stores in your area. If you decide that you want to pick up the items yourself, just click the box and that's it! No need to keep calling the store to see if your order has arrived, either; you'll get an email as soon as it's available for pickup. This is a great way to save the extra shipping expenses, and doesn't demand a lot of your time.

There are two groups of people who can especially benefit from features at Linens and Things: dormitory students and brides! LNT has great ways for both undergrads and newlyweds to plan and save.

Destination Dorm is Linens and Things help planner for college students. It's a whole department divided into specific sections that address all dormitory needs, and then some! You can use their checklist, or make up your own and buy accordingly. In addition, there is a rechargeable Destination Dorm gift card. This is a two-part card in which one card stays with the parents, and the other goes with the student. The parent can recharge the card as often as they wish so that their out of state kids can buy what they need without worrying about carrying a lot of cash.

For brides, Linens and Things has a full-range bridal registry, with everything from linens to home décor to fine china and cookware! You can manage your registry either in-store or online - all items purchased are immediately updated in both places. There are lots of special offers and free gifts available either at the time you register or when certain items are purchased, so be sure to check these out when planning your registry. And if you find after your wedding that you have registered items left un-purchased, take heart! Linens and Things offers you a 10% discount on all leftover items. And if you choose not to buy immediately, friends and family can still purchase from your registry for 18 months after your wedding, which makes house-warming and first-anniversary gifts a breeze!

All in all, there are great opportunities for saving time and money at Linens and Things. Take advantage of them, and enjoy!

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