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How to Grout

How to Grout

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Learning how to grout is something you can do during the seventh inning stretch. Follow this easy how to grout tiles tutorial along with our *helpful grouting tips, and you'll have the project done in no time.


What you'll need: grout, bucket for mixing, water, float, sponge, caulk, sealer*

Step 1: Mix your grout with water.

Step 2: Apply grout to a small area at a time with a float, pressing into the joints with the edge of the float when necessary.

Step 3: Wipe off excess grout with the float as you go along.

Step 4: Clean the tiles with a well-squeezed out sponge.

Step5: Do another wipe off with a clean dry cloth, rag or sponge.

Step 6: Apply caulk to edges as necessary.

Step 7: Allow grout to cure at least 24 hours.

Step 8: See my discussion below on sealing grout.

Sealing grout is a topic of conflict amongst the experts. Some will not use the sealer because it not only seals the grout from water damage, but also makes it harder for good cleaners to get into the grout and work thoroughly. Those who advocate sealing grout recommend waiting 3-5 days to cure fully. Grout sealer is very slippery, so be careful when applying to bathtub and floor tiles. Also, reseal every six months, after a rigorous cleaning of the tiles. When using sealer, be sure to wipe off excess, drips or spills quickly because most tiles don't take well to the substance.

Top Ten Grout Tips:

- #10 Tip: Keep bags in a dry environment to avoid premature activation.

- #9 Tip: When finishing up, never use a soaked sponge. Slightly moist, and thoroughly squeezed out, will work just right and won't dilute your setting grout.

- #8 Tip: Use a thin line of latex-based caulk for lining/opening, and smooth out with finger, wiping off excess every few inches.

- #7 Tip: Remove excess mortar if doing it yourself counter tops. Use non-sanded grout if working with rough or textured tiles.

- #6 Tip: A word to the wise about non-glazed or textured tiles: release agents. Use 'em, and make sure to match up the agent with the material you're using.

- #5 Tip: Remove old grout with a carbide tipped scraper tool or a hammer and chisel or flathead screw driver but remove with the utmost caution. Glazed tiles are easily chipped or scratched. Chip off a small piece and then chisel away from the tiles/existing grout to avoid damaging tiles.

- #4 Tip: Use damp paper towels in areas of low humidity to ensure that your grout won't dry out too quickly once in place. You can spray water on the paper towels every hour or so to keep the moisture locked in, but don't make them too wet.

- #3 Tip: A humidifier can also help the curing grout from drying too quickly.

- #2 Tip: A rough sided sponge, scouring pad or other abrasive pad and water are the best way to remove grout from your ceramic tiles. Chemicals and acids may damage or stain your tiles.

And the #1 Tip: Easy on the water, when mixing or cleaning!

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