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How To Stay Warm And Keep Your House Safe This Winter

How To Stay Warm And Keep Your House Safe This Winter

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Get ready cause here comes winter. Use these 10 steps on how to stay warm and ensure your home is up for the long haul.

Place sand bags or board up areas where water collects so the water will drain out. Clean your gutters so water can drain properly.

To prevent pipes from freezing over and possibly being damaged in the process, wrap with fiberglass insulation and heat tape. In the same vein, exterior faucets and hoses should be emptied and stored for the winter. Turn off water to these sources.

Caulk up cracks in your walls, both inside and out, and especially around windows, and replace any missing shingles from the roof.

In some areas, storm windows are a matter of life or death. Other areas, they just help to keep the house warmer. In either case, make sure yours are securely in place and have no cracks in the glass.

Seal up gaps from under the doorways to prevent draft and leakage.

Carpeting- Carpets are easy to set down and rugs are even simpler. Both are great ways of creating and keeping in the warmth.

Close vents in rooms that aren't used to give a boost to the vents in more populated areas.

During the winter, switch the direction your ceiling fans rotate. What that will do is allow the fans to distribute hot air from the ceiling down to you. This also reduces condensation on windows (and condensation acts to cool things down).

Open window shades and let the sun shine through during the day. This will actually heat up your home.

Seal up holes and chinks in light switches and sockets. You'd be amazed at how much cold air is sneaking in through these little spaces.

Here are some more ideas on how to keep your house warm.

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