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How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade Pieces

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade Pieces

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Knowing how to sharpen lawn mower blade pieces is a very important skill to learn. 'Why?' you might ask. 'The grass gets cut either way'. Well, allow me to enlighten you on a little known secret about a nicely manicured lawn. Rather than just poorly cutting your grass, a dull cutting edge mutilates your lawn and leaves it susceptible to damage caused by the sun and disease. If that's not enough to get your sharpening tools out, listen to this. Unsharpened mower blades work less efficiently, causing the motor in your lawn mower to work harder, burning much more fuel than necessary. Why don't you just take a few crisp one hundred dollar bills out back and start a campfire?!

No, dull blades will certainly not produce the clean and crisp terrain that you can achieve from a sharpened lawn mower blade. 'But I don't know anything about lawn mower blade sharpening. I'll probably just end up ruining or breaking it!' Not to worry, fellow yardner, we are here to help. It just takes a little know how. To sharpen lawn mower blade pieces, axe blades, shovel heads, or almost any other dulled edge, read on.

Here's a great website that will give you step-by-step instructions on lawn mower blade sharpening. His first tip explains how to remove the blade without the risk of damage to your mower or messy and dangerous gasoline spills. He recommends setting the mower onto two sawhorses. After a detailed guide on how to remove your blade safely (which includes removing the spark plug to prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries, and wedging a 2X4 between the mower deck and blade to prevent the blade from turning while you are trying to remove it), he goes on to explain exactly how to sharpen lawn mower blade pieces.

Here's a very basic tutorial. For more detailed instructions, visit the website above.

Remove the lawn mower blade. To do so, unscrew the nut that holds it in place, and gently lower the blade from its resting deck.

If you are using a file, work away at the dull and deadened piece of blade gently. Be sure to work with the angle of the blade that already exists. You can also use a bench vise if you want a sturdier grip on your blade.

If you are using a grinding mill (though this method requires a little bit more precision, the results are somewhat finer. The draw back is that it can do permanent damage to your blade if it gets too hot. You can usually prevent this by keeping a bucket of water next to your grinder, and occasionally submerging the blade in water. Wipe it clean of water after each time.) Grinding stones are usually used for the really heavily worn blades. If you have large scores in your metal, this is a good choice. Otherwise, a file does the job nicely.

Here are some helpful hints on lawn mower blade sharpening:

Always use soft even strokes when filing a blade.

Make sure both sides of your blade are even. Uneven blades can cause damage to both your motor and your grass. You should notice the number of strokes you use for the first side, and repeat on the second. If you want to be precise, use a blade level or balancer.

Avoid mowing your lawn when it is wet. The moisture makes it difficult for the blades to work efficiently, producing a sloppy, unkempt result.

If you enjoy fun tools, Dremel makes a convenient little tool sharpener that works out the precise angle for the blade it is working on.

Filing a mower blade shouldn't take you more than fifteen minutes maximum. If you find that it is, perhaps it's better to bid this blade adieu and buy yourself a new one.

'And just how often should I be sharpening my blades?' There is no written rule, well, but most experts will recommend that you get out your file every four to six weeks, depending on the size of your lawn and frequency with which you mow it.

With the summer months' heat, bugs, and other hazards, you'll need to defend your lawn from disease and damage. Start simple by ensuring that you aren't adding to these setbacks. Sharpen your mower blades regularly, and you have taken the first step in responsible lawn care.

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