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How To Save Time and Money at Walgreens

How To Save Time and Money at Walgreens

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Whenever I visit walgreens.com, I'm always amazed at the variety of products available. You can get anything from vacuum cleaners to food processors to makeup to backpacks over there. But although their prices are low, and there are ways to save even more (see below), the main way to save time and money at Walgreen's - in a way that you can't save time and money anywhere else - is in their pharmaceutical and photo departments.

Pharmaceuticals and General Health

Walgreen's has a unique pharmaceuticals department in that it's not just pharmaceuticals. Here are a number of ways to save time and money in Walgreen's pharmacy:

1) Prescriptions - If you want to order a new prescription, all you have to do is fill out the online form. Enter the required information, click submit, and that's all! You can add additional prescriptions to your order, too, by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. As far as receiving your order, you can either choose a Walgreen's near you and enter the date and time you want your prescription to be ready, or you can have it delivered to your door. The amazing thing about the delivery is that it costs only $1.95, regardless of how many prescriptions you ordered! If you need the medicine ASAP, you can get faster shipping for a higher cost. And if you're uncomfortable sending your private information online, you can print out the order form and mail it in.

2) Automatic Refills - Have you ever run out of your medication only to find that you have no refills in the house? Not anymore! Just set up automatic refills for your prescription. Choose which prescription you want, select the beginning date, how often you want it refilled, and whether you want to pick it up or have it delivered, and you're all set. Walgreen's also allows you to keep an online record of your health history, and you can order refills directly from those records.

3) Prescription Labels - This is a unique convenience offered by Walgreen's. Upon request, their pharmacies will print your prescription labels in any of 14 different languages. In addition, they have a large-print option for those who find it difficult to read prescription labels. All you have to do is ask the pharmacist.

4) "Ask the Pharmacist" - While the pharmacists in Walgreen's stores are always available to answer questions, Walgreens.com has an "ask the pharmacist" feature. Not only can you submit questions on subjects ranging from skin care to generic medications, you can also access the archives to read previous questions and answers. There are other features, too, such as drug information and prices that can be researched alphabetically, and checking drug interactions.

5) Health Library - This is a fantastic resource that can save you an incredible amount of time, whether you need information for a research paper or for your own personal use. Walgreen.com's Health Library includes: Health Centers on a variety of topics, including diabetes, asthma, pregnancy and vision; health calculators for body mass index, calorie burning and more; the Health Encyclopedia, where you can research thousands of health topics; a monthly health newsletter; interactive health risk assessments, and information on surgeries and procedures. There's even a recipe corner!


Walgreens.com offers a number of time and money-savers on developing, printing, and sharing photos online.

Uploading and Sharing

Walgreen's makes it easy to upload photos to your account and share them - for free! If you download their QuickUpload tool, you can upload groups of pictures at one time, but if you prefer, you can also upload them one by one or email them to Walgreens Photo Center. Once you've uploaded your photos, you can share them with family and friends at absolutely no cost. Walgreen's sends an email to the people you've invited to see your photos, and if they want, they can order prints and enlargements directly, at no cost to you.

Photo Editing

Once your photos are in your online account, you can edit and organize them. Walgreens allows you to create albums, rearrange the photos, and add captions and borders. You can also edit your photos by changing the lighting, eliminating red eye, and changing the photo from color to black and white or sepia. There are fun borders available, too! Once you've edited your photo, Walgreens saves it under a slightly different name, so that the original is always available for further editing, if you have second thoughts.

Ordering Prints

You can order prints for store pickup or mail delivery. In-store, the prints are ready within an hour from the time you order them, and mail delivery typically takes five to seven days (you can ship anywhere within the United States). Walgreen's prices on photo prints - and shipping - are very low, and they even offer a family pack for $6.99!

EasySaver Catalog

If you're interested in saving money on general Walgreens purchases -whether in store or online - the EasySaver catalog is the way to go. You can either download it, or pick one up at your local Walgreens. While you're shopping, watch for the items marked "rebate", or check out the catalog to see if there are products worth buying because of the rebate or special deals available. Save your store receipts/online invoices or packing lists, circle the rebate items and write the offer number next to the item. Fill out the forms, mail everything in - and you'll receive your rebate check, once a month. Just make sure that it's postmarked by the deadline, or it won't be accepted.

So the next time you need something from Walgreens, keep all these features in mind. You'll end up saving time and money - and enjoying your shopping experience that much more!

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