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How To Save Time and Money at Sears

How To Save Time and Money at Sears

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Sears, Roebuck and Co. - a.k.a. "Sears" - is probably one of the best known names in American consumerism. Sears.com is probably one of the best examples of how e-commerce has given a whole new boost to an Old Economy business. Put them together, and you can save a whole lot more than you used to at Sears.

First, let's talk about Sears.com. This is one of my favorite websites. You know why? It has a very clean, streamlined look. No pictures popping up, no busy colors. It's very straightforward and user-friendly. One of the best time and money features that Sears.com has is its "compare up to four items" feature. One very frustrating aspect of online comparison shopping is that you either have to write down what looks good to you and then compare on paper, or keep clicking backwards and forwards to re-view items. Not at Sears.com. Let's say you're looking for a dishwasher, and you want to get the best machine for your money. Fine. Just scroll through the dishwashers and mark a "check" next to the ones that interest you, up to four. Then click the "compare" feature at the bottom, and that's it! This feature has been such a time-saver for me, I can't even tell you.

Of course, like any other online store, the first step in saving money at Sears.com is to sign up for their email newsletter. This will keep you informed of both online and offline sales. Items that can be purchased online and picked up at the Sears nearest you are marked clearly with a blue star. You don't have to be afraid of buying online at Sears, because their return policy is very generous. If you're not satisfied with the product, the outfit doesn't fit or there's a defect in the machine, just return it within the specified number of days.

A Sears card is another way to save money. There are four different Sears cards with various features. There's no annual fee, and generally speaking, approval is instant. These cards work on a points system, in which you get one point for every dollar spent - whether at Sears or when paying your electric bill. Rewards start at 2500 points, and range from everything from Barnes and Noble gift certificates to free passes to Sea World and Universal Studios. You can check out the online chart to see how many points are required for each reward, and you can redeem points online, too.

Yet another way to save at Sears is by utilizing their clearance and closeout centers. These can be accessed online as well. Just click on clearance or on closeout, and see what they have to offer. You can save anywhere from $20.00 to $500.00 with these features, so they're definitely worth checking out. They can be used for online purchases, or for doing your homework before you go to the actual store.

As for more online savings, the Sears.com website has a link to its Sears auction on eBay. You can bid on the item you want on eBay, while knowing that it has Sears guarantee behind it.

And, of course, let's not forget what Sears might be most famous for - its automotive center. You can comparison shop online before you go on into a store, just like any other department, or you can buy online with the same sense of security that you would have while dealing with a real, flesh and blood Sears Automotive Center.

In short, there is a real synthesis between Sears.com and the Sears chain of stores. The same brand names are available, and the interactivity between the online and offline Sears makes it easier and smoother than ever to save time and money at Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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