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How To Save Time and Money at Home Depot

How To Save Time and Money at Home Depot

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The Home Depot is one of my favorite stores. You can find just about anything you want in there, and if you can't - their incredibly helpful customer service people will help you find something just as good. It's a virtual do-it-yourself-heaven.

As in other stores, there are unique ways to save at Home Depot, especially because they offer very different services than some other stores do. There are no special credit-card benefits and rewards here. But don't despair; you can still save time and money at Home Depot.

First - like always - subscribe to their email newsletter. This will keep you updated on all of their online and offline sales and special events. Second, if you do home repair/renovation projects frequently, it might be worth it to apply for a Home Depot credit card. Although it doesn't work on a reward system, there is no annual fee, and you can get a six month window in which you don't have to make any payments, with no additional interest.

Since Home Depot is quite different than the other stores we've mentioned here, let's divide up the savings tips into online and offline, and briefly explain each one.

Online Tips

1) The number one tip is to join the Discount Home Shopping Club. Although Home Depot does not have any reward or benefits programs associated with its credit cards, you can join the DHS Club, which does. Membership is free, and you can get cash back as well as other rewards in proportion to the number of points you earn. This is exclusively for online shopping. FYI: HomeDepot.com makes no mention of the DHS Club. In order to join, you have to go to clubshop.com, sign up there and then click the Home Depot link.

2) Next, check out HomeDepot.com's Value Center. This is only available online, and you can find big savings on items in virtually all of the shopping categories. There's even a "compare" feature, so you don't have to jot anything down as you're looking.

3) Online rebate center - this is an easily accessible way to find money-saving values. Just search by either brand name or item category, and your computer will immediately tell you which rebates are available, and when they expire.

4) Online advice - this is probably one of the best ways to save not only money but TIME at HomeDepot.com. In just about every single shopping category, you'll find relevant articles, tips, project guidelines and buying guides - for everything from installing a cabinet to redecorating a room. This feature is an extremely useful resource for anyone contemplating do it yourself projects. You can download everything to your computer, or print out - whatever you choose.

5) Online calculators - this feature helps you calculate your needs so that you don't overspend by buying too much, or underspend and then have to come back for more. They have calculators for just about everything under the sun - from air conditioning to carpets to grass seed and drywall. A must for anyone doing renovations.

Offline Tips

1) For those of you who despaired when you read about the DHS Club online benefits - don't. While you cannot use your membership directly in a local store, you can buy a Home Depot gift card using your DHS membership, and then take the gift card and use it in the store. You will still get all the benefits!!

2) Another way to save is to utilize Home Depot's free clinics. These are hands-on workshops offered on a variety of home improvement topics. They're offered on a national basis, so you don't have to check out a specific store. Just check out the schedule online (under clinics) and head over to the Home Depot nearest you. These workshops will save you time - because you'll do it right the first time around - and money - because you won't have to hire someone to do the work for you!

3) Home Depot has an incredible selection of books on every home improvement project imaginable. The best thing about them is that you don't necessarily have to buy them! The book sections have comfortable chairs available for you to look through books at your leisure. That way, if all you want to know is how to hang blinds and there's a 400 page book called Everything You Need to Know About Curtains, you can just read through the chapter that's relevant to you without spending money on a book you don't really need.

These are just some of the ways you can save time and money at Home Depot. So the next time you have a home improvement project coming up, try these tips out - you'll be surprised at how much easier, quicker and cheaper the project will be!

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