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Garage Tool Organizers

Garage Tool Organizers

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I know it happens to me all the time. You finally have a few minutes to fix that sink/shower/shelf/doorknob/hinge your wife has been whining about for the past six months. You go out to the garage to find your hammer/screwdriver/wrench/drill, and it's nowhere to be found. 'Who's been moving my stuff around?' you wonder. 'I know exactly where I left it, and it's not there now.' Your wife picks up four other hammer/screw driver/wrench/drill, and asks "What about these?" Not worth the time and effort it would take to explain the minute differences, you simply say "No, that's not the right one.", and continue shifting boxes of valuables from one side of the room to the next.

Does this picture seem remotely familiar? Well then perhaps it's time to stop gaping at the newest models of garage tool organizers currently showing on the home shopping channel or being lit up in big fancy store windows, and start buying. That's right, every garage needs a couple of good tool organizers. Well, at least one per garage. They should really be made standard, come with the garage along with the doors. Someday, but in the meantime, at least go out and get one of your own.

Garage tool organizers come in a huge variety that really aims to fit your exact needs. Companies are aware of the fact that if you're looking into tool organizers you either got a bonus from work, had a close rich relative pass away, or your garage has finally gotten to that point. If the latter is the case, then the room you're working with is, at present, minimal. Don't worry, as you begin organizing, you'll see how much room your garage really has to offer. Assess your space capacity, and see which design or model is most fitting for your area and requirements. Are you looking for a full wall-length cabinet or just a tabletop tool tray? Tool buckets are great for corners and tool chests or boxes can be left on any surface. Shelves are always the most space efficient garage tool organizers, and they can also store the trays and chests. Magnetic strips are sold for organizing several metal tools in one easy to access place. This is also true of hooks for smaller tools and deluxe wall mountings for your babies; the power tools. Wall hanging peg boards are also great for space efficiency and convenience. Cabinets come stationary (which can most often also be mounted to the walls) or on wheels for the guy always on the go! These cabinets have drawers in a variety of lengths and depths providing different sizes for all your different needs. Choose from small deep drawers for nails, screws, and drill bits, and long shallow drawers for wrenches and other flat tools.

Garage tool organizers start as low as six dollars for a neat little tool pad, and can go all the way up to a few hundred dollars for a nice sleek utility cabinet. Most of the middle of the road trays or chests run about fifteen to thirty bucks, though. There are lots of companies out there. If you have a brand you use and trust, go with them. Otherwise, good names that many people like are Craftsmen, Dremel, Gladiator, and Milwaukee. Visit Home Depot, Sears, or Lowe's for a nice selection of garage tool organizers. If you like shopping online, try http://www.gcpowerusa.com/, http://www.ebay.com/, or visit any of the above stores at their websites. Browse for awhile before you buy. This will ensure that you are getting the most for your money, and minimize that 'if only I'd seen this one first' syndrome.

So don't go fumbling around your garage pointlessly searching for your favorite screwdriver anymore. Get yourself a neat and convenient tool organizer. They're inexpensive, and once you have one you'll see that they're indispensable!

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