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Fireplace Accessories Explained

Fireplace Accessories Explained

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The glow of a fire nestling in its cove warms both the air and the heart to the core. Getting there, though, can be quite the journey. Use this fireplace accessories guide to make the trip less foreboding.

Chimney caps/ Chimney pots- Chimney caps are the metal pieces that sit on top of your chimneystack. Take into account size, shape, and material of your flue when purchasing chimney caps/pots. Chimney pots crown your home, so it's ok to spend a little bit on these fireplace accessories.

Tool sets- These are vital to keeping order and cleanliness around the fireplace. Sets can include a broom, shovel, iron poker, and tongs, and come in various materials such as solid brass, brass plated, iron, hand-forged, chrome, brushed pewter, steel, nickel, marble accents, copper, bronze, and wood.

Screens- This is certainly one of the most embellished furniture accessories available. A properly chosen screen can transform your entire room into an elegant, almost royal area. As with all other fireplace accessories, screens come in a variety of materials from wrought iron to solid copper or brass. What are more impressive than the material, though, are the fabulously intricate designs and patterns that embellish this furniture extra. Delicately forged leaves, vines carefully crafted, scrolls, tendrils, arches, and even scenery depicted, decorate the already beautiful pieces of metal to create a regal and enticing appearance. Don't be blinded by sheer beauty alone, though. Look out for stabilizers to ensure steadiness especially on hearths that are not level. Other things to insist upon in a screen are firm and forged handle, and that it's made from spark resistant material.

Hearth and fireplace candelabras- These are decorative and functional simultaneously. Candelabras allow you to use your fireplace even when there are no logs available. Antique and sophisticated or modern and stylish, these lamps create worlds right under your hearth.

Andirons- Andirons (pronounced and-irons, as I found out to my chagrin after some serious head scratching) are metal supports that sit in the bed of your fireplace, and are used to hold logs. Also known as dogirons or firedogs, these pieces are often whimsically formed in the shape of black labs, cats, etc.

Kettles and steamers- Kettles humidify your home by adding a pleasant steam into the air. This is not just an added bonus, but often it's a necessity, as drying out the air in your home can be hazardous.

Log holders/baskets: These allow you to keep a small stash of firewood on hand, and firewood racks are available for large supplies and longer storage.

Firebacks- Firebacks help conserve energy and keep your home warmer by radiating heat and light back into the room. *Note: Stainless steel firebacks are not recommended for gas fireplaces due to the extreme heat. Cast iron firebacks are engraved with distinctive and impressive shapes that are attractive and unique.

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