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Energy Saving Guide Part Two

Energy Saving Guide Part Two

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As promised, here is part two of our energy saving guide. These are some more simple and smart ways to make your home more energy efficient and your wallet a little heavier. (If you missed it, read the first part of our energy saving guide.)

Simple energy saving tips:

- Don't do half loads of washing machine or dish washers. Wait until they are full to save energy and hot water.

- Buy a low flow shower head for each shower in your home to conserve hot water.

- Let your ceiling fans work for you in the winter months by setting them to rotate in reverse, circulating warmer air down and around the room.

- Instead of driving everywhere, walk, bike, carpool, or go with public transit whenever possible.

- Use your thermostat properly, and use a timer so the house isn't being heated/cooled while no one is home.

- Turn down the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees. Who really needs it to be hotter than that?

- Use your window shades to allow or block sun in the respective summer/winter months.

- Standby mode is also a killer. Try to unplug appliances when not in use. Use a power strip so you can just switch off power to appliances that would be inconvenient to unplug each day, such as computers, televisions, and sound systems.

- You can actually get government tax incentives to supplement the cost of many of these improvements, so look into your local laws.

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