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Easy Door Maintenance

Easy Door Maintenance

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Door maintenance is one of the simplest and most beneficial steps you can take to prolonging the life span of your interior and exterior doors. With just a little bit of effort, you can add years to an otherwise short-lived door. Routine DIY door repair and maintenance will also throw in some variety, the spice of life.

Exterior Doors

Being exposed to all the elements, exterior doors certainly take a beating. That's why it's important to purchase a good quality exterior door and to use proper door maintenance techniques. First there is the initial care that should be given to a door upon purchasing. This is to ensure that it will last you as long as it can. Make sure you are using the appropriate coating for exterior doors. Exterior wood doors often require more than the typical polyurethane finish due to all the factors that will be thrust upon it. Look for products with UV-protection as well as waterproof designs. Apply several coats of whichever wood care product you've chosen, and a finishing coat such as glaze.

If not already in place, weather bars and stripping should be installed on all exterior doors. Not only does this improve the quality of your door, but it also makes your door more energy efficient.

Once you've taken the preliminary steps to preserving your door, we can talk about maintaining your door. Though it may seem obvious, a fresh coat of paint or varnish can do wonders to restore an old door, and should certainly be attempted before door replacing. Replacing a door is more expensive and complicated than a coat of paint. When painting, you should remove the door furniture to reach behind and underneath. Hinges should be removed separately (i.e. remove one, paint, wait for it to dry, replace and then remove the other to paint).

Also, adding a new frame or hardware item can totally change the face of your current door and even the look of your home.

Try adding a classy or unique letterbox to your exterior door. This can set a style and detract from other character flaws in the front door.

Interior Doors

Paint/varnish is also an easy improver for interior doors.

Architrave- An architrave is a decorative molding that frames a doorway. This is an easy DIY door repair job that will help you avoid the more cumbersome door replacing and add significantly to any room or area that it is introduced to.

Door Painting Tips

Don't skimp on the details- Grooves, recesses, hinges etc. require a little extra attention, and, when given this additional care, are the details that make the finished product look great.

Apply your finishing coat after the door has been affixed in place and hinged, whenever possible.

When painting, varnishing or glazing, remember to get the top, inside and bottom edges.

Paint or varnish should be touched up every few years (three is a good average), unless you live in particularly moist areas or coastal regions. In this situation, touch ups will be required more frequently.

From initial preventative measures to touch ups and simple door repair techniques, there are plenty of quick and easy projects that you can do for your doors. Help your home accessories last longer by up keeping these all-important household furnishings.

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