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Does Your Money Work Hard Enough

Does Your Money Work Hard Enough

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Dear Friend

You work hard for your money, but does your money work hard enough for you?

Can you honestly say you are satisfied with your investments? Or do you feel there's got to be a better way?

My name is Dr. Ron Greenberg, but everyone calls me Dr. Ron. Even as a kid I was regarded as a mathematical genius, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my love for math would make me rich. I like to save for the future, but I'm not the type to take chances with my money. I bought some of the best performing mutual funds, but they didn't do much for me. Sure when they went up I made money, but the gains were so small it was never enough to make a real difference in my life.

My wife Jenny wanted to redo the kitchen. And I wanted to put something away for our retirement years. Our dream was to someday own a cottage on the beach. But first we had to get our three kids through college…there wasn't much left for kitchens or anything else after that. Those dreams seemed far away, unreachable. And when I took a look around I noticed that my friends were in the same boat. Low yielding mutual funds, high property taxes ….it seemed like no one was able to get ahead the way we had hoped to, the way we had expected to.

You know, rich people can make millions in the stock market. They've got opportunities that other people never see. Rich people get the top money managers and have access to high performing hedge funds. They get returns of 20% or more. I never got 20% returns. Where are the winning investments for the average guy? That's what I wondered when I heard about the guys making millions in stock options. How did they know what to buy and when to sell? Some rich man's manager must have helped them.

Then a friend of mine- his name is Dave- told me he was doing GREAT in the stock market. When the market dropped, it hardly affected him. He's a normal guy, so I wanted to know how on earth he did it. What he told me sounded unusual and a bit unbelievable, but I've always held that you've got to hear a guy out…give him a chance even if you aren't sure you'll agree.

Dave told me he was following an amazing mathematical system and had made a great deal of money over the past eight years. He did it by trading options. This didn't excite me in the least. The thing about options is that they can make your profits explode OR they can bring you to your knees. I'm a family man and high risk just isn't part of my vocabulary. I like to sleep at night. But Dave was all warmed up and excited so I decided I'd better hear him out.

Trading options has never been for me. First of all, they're risky. Secondly, you need a lot of money to play in that field. It's a great opportunity, but only if you're already rich.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Dave said. "But it's a good thing I opened my mind, cause the Iron Condor made me rich."

An endangered species made Dave rich? What was he talking about? . Wasn't the iron condor some kind of rare bird? "Yeah," Dave told me, "and boy do they know how to fly!" Then he got serious and explained to me that there's an options trading strategy in financial circles known as the iron condor and it's a way of minimizing risk and maximizing gains with options.

Iron condors got their name from the "spread of wings," meaning that there's a spread of trades that protects you from the usual risks of options trading. There's a predictable range that the market is going to trade in. The wings of the iron condor stretch over that range. They are determined by mathematical equations that take a combination of four different positions that allow a spread of likely movement. You can know exactly where to put a trade on the high end of the market and where on the lowest end.

Iron condors are usually traded on indexes like the S&P 500. Indexes are more stable than most individual stocks. During the course of one month, the S&P 500 will not go up or down very far. It will go up and down, of course, but not very far. Using statistics, you can calculate positions where there is an 80% chance that the S&P 500 will trade within a certain range for the next month or longer. With Iron Condor you sell and buy options positions that are outside of your range. You go out on the "wings" so to speak.

As long as the market stays within your range, you've hedged your bet. I like to think of it as insurance for your investments. And what happens when the market moves beyond the positions you set? Some people might do nothing and they would lose money. But if you adjust your positions- it's possible not only to avoid the losses everyone else is facing but to even end up making more money than ever! The beauty of this system is that you can make money no matter where the market goes! That means that even when the market is down you can still make amazing profits while others are losing money right and left from their stocks and mutual funds.

Dave offered to help me learn all the insider secrets on how to safely profit from options trading.

Dave's secret: UncleBobsMoney.com

They focuses on three major indexes: the SPX, RUT and NDX. This way the risk is spread out and you can make more consistent profits. When folks think of option investing they can get nervous. And the truth is there is some risk to it. But the key to consistent profits is proper risk management, which is the beauty of this system.

A lot depends upon your "risk personality." Do you like to take risks? Then you would be interested in the "Low Prob" strategy which generally gives a 5%-10% monthly yields.

Do you feel more comfortable with less risk? Then "High Prob" would be for you; it yields 4%- 6% per month.

Do you want to really play it safe? Try "Super High Prob" with a "2%-4% yield per month.

I'll be honest with you- if there was a great Mutual Fund that consistently performed in up and down markets that would be a better choice than my program: because you wouldn't have to do anything. But, great mutual funds don't seem to last- or they only perform well until YOU enter them- and after that they drop.

There's a lot of investment newsletters out there that send out buy alerts when the time and price is right to buy. Since pricing and conditions can change fast, good opportunities can be lost quickly. To benefit from a buy, you need to act right away as soon as the alert is sounded. If you aren't glued to your computer 24/7 then those alerts aren't going to do you any good.

The Uncle Bobs Money system doesn't work like that. I can't follow the stock market 24 hours a day, and you shouldn't have to either. Their strategies have an optimal buy window that can span over several days. Their trading algorithm constantly analyzes the market and pricing and it will show you the most optimal trades for that time. You don't need to stand around waiting for alerts- you can get a life. It's easy and fast you can spend as little as 15 minutes a month and still do unbelievably well.

They offer all the information you need on the site for free - you can see it all and learn everything before you buy. I want to be up front with you- They are going to show you the strategy and how it works without having to first pay anything. What you are buying from them is the proven method of how to use the strategy so that you make money again and again. They want to help you consistently make profits on your investments and make more than you would if you had chosen other investments.

Their system has made me wealthy. I'm going to retire early. Jenny got her new kitchen along with a renovation of our house. We don't worry about our retirement anymore- we are too busy making plans on how to enjoy it.

I still believe it's unfair that the resources needed to get rich are available only to those already rich. I made a fortune- and I wanted to find a way to help others do the same. That's why I decided to share the secrets of the rich to help you make money.

They've made it as easy for you as they possibly can. For $39 per month you can get their powerful guidance for safe options trading.

Do you want the same chance at getting big returns as the rich do? They're going to save you a lot of time as well. That means more time to enjoy the money your make with your family. You could spend as little fifteen minutes a month and have steady, mind blowing profits.

I'm not promoting any expensive seminars. You won't need to spend time figuring out what to do next. In just a few minutes they can explain to you all the basics- how the strategies work, how to place the trades and how to monitor and implement the right risk management. They will give you a training guide that's fast to read and understand. There's no time needed for trial and error, and you won't have to waste time figuring out what to do next. They also include a clear instructional video- what could be easier?

I really want you to succeed and I'm looking forward to helping you become wealthy!
Come Join me at Uncle Bobs Money.


Dr. Ron

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