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Decorative Wooden Shelves For Happier Homes

Decorative Wooden Shelves For Happier Homes

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I see the skepticism in your smirk. In fact, decorative wall shelves are probably one of the easiest ways to compromise with the little lady. She wants something "pretty" "unique" and "tastefully complementary". While none of these words may be in your vocabulary, let alone on your list of eminent purchases, phrases like "convenient storage area", "durable surface", and "a new project to tackle this weekend" probably are. Decorative wall shelves meet all of the above requirements. Tastefully designed to satisfy the most discerning decorator's taste, and a simple but enjoyable do-it-yourself installation that bears many fruits, decorative shelving may be the up and coming secret to a successful marriage.

Shelves are not merely a luxury, but a basic necessity to keep organization and general order (here are some tips on how shelves can transform your garage). Why decorative shelving then? What's wrong with the piece of plywood I put up with reinforced brackets? The basic truth is there's nothing feminine about a little class. It doesn't say anywhere in the testosterone handbook that you can't know anything about style (no, trust me, she checked). The various shades and types of woods, stains and finishes like cherry wood or yellow pine are basic enough that even Mr. T. could appreciate.

Now that you understand the significance of this endeavor, we can move on to a more technical (and interesting) discussion on fasteners and installation methods.

There are several areas of choice that go into finding the perfect shelves. While you may want to leave the final word to her for things like coved, square or rounded edges, galley or spindle rail, and single or double tiered, you will want to have a say in the wall fixtures. Brackets, pegs, and clips are a few of your options. The most effective method I've found is using screws and drywall anchors. Use larger gauge screws (and anchors!) for heavier projects.

The appropriate bracket shape will vary from situation to situation, and, at times, a pedestal shelf may be your best choice. This is largely ornamental, but also should be weighed pragmatically to ensure proper support. Also consider the many useful possibilities that open up with the installation of a small but functional shelf. Properly positioned in opposite corners of a room, decorative wood wall shelves can create a great home stereo surround sound system. In the front hall, pegs can be installed for hanging keys, hats, and coats. In the kitchen, you can help make your wife's life a little easier with hooks for mugs, shakers, oven mitts, or towels, and plate grooves provide aesthetic value to a boring kitchen décor.

Finally, you can install themed shelves for kids' rooms. Favorite characters flank either side of a shelf, or curious critters climb up, down, and around the supports of these amusing shelves. For the die-hard sports fan, this same idea can be done with a team-themed shelf. (Tip: Hang this shelf between two of your team's pennants for added value.)

So at the end of the day, decorative shelving is as practical as it is attractive. They are the perfect way of combining aesthetics and practicality (or, with some couples, her wants with his). People say men don't know how to compromise. I say they just don't know the right terms.

Disclaimer: This is a non-gender biased site. I've lost more than one drill bit contest to women I would consider my equals (if not superiors) in the trade. The use of the male/female or husband/wife roles is merely for the sake of humor. Laugh at your own discretion (and behind closed doors if you must).

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