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DIY Door Replacing

DIY Door Replacing

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At times, it will be necessary to do a door replacing job around your home. You should take the preliminary steps to maintain your doors and attempt to do simple door repair jobs before resorting to the last solution, which is door replacing.

Basic Steps to Door Replacing

- Measure the old door to know how big the new one should be. When measuring for a doorframe, it is essential that you measure in several places. Measure from the top, middle and bottom interior of the door to ensure that the opening is symmetrical all around. Next measure the height, and then do it all again from the exterior of the doorway. Accurate measurements are imperative in order that you have a properly cut and functioning door.

- Place the new door up against the frame. Despite meticulous measuring, modifications will often need to be made. We still recommend taking accurate measurements to minimize the amount of adjusting that will ensue. Mark wherever adjustments are necessary.

- Small discrepancies can be shaved off with a plane, but larger ones will require a circular saw or panel. (In general, there should be a 2-3 mm gap all around between the door and frame.) When making adjustments, start from the outer edge and work your way into the middle of the door.

Wooden Doors Options

Flush doors- These are easiest to trim down to size if alterations are necessary because it is a solid piece of wood without any designs or patterns. Obviously, flush doors are less ornate, but a nice coat of paint or a varnish can be impressive on its own.

Paneled doors- The paneled design is intended to give the wood room to expand without warping or cracking due to weather conditions. The down side to working with a paneled door is that you may need to take a little off from each side to maintain an even appearance all around.

Entry Systems- The benefit of purchasing an entire entry system is that all the pieces interlock beautifully. The bottom rail fits in perfectly with the threshold. The door is pre-hung in the frame (or will fit in precisely without any adjustments necessary). Weather stripping is fitted all around the frame. Everything is generally smoother to install and runs more efficiently. Of course, this is assuming you are buying a quality system from a reliable company. Often stores will assemble their own packages made up of different companies' parts, and many times these parts will not work well together at all. Play it safe. If you are buying an entire system, make sure all the parts fit together properly. Check that weather stripping seals properly, thresholds line up with the bottom edge of the door and, obviously, that the door and the jamb are a good fit.

Read our door replacing tips article for more details and tricks of the trade. You can also find information on door repair and door maintenance, both easier and more economical choices over door replacing.

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