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DIY Door Locks

DIY Door Locks

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A door lock installation doesn't have to take you more than thirty minutes. If you have a pencil, a drill (preferably one with a saw attachment) and a lock, you can be finished with some simple diy door locks before the end of a commercial break. Here are some easy to follow instructions for your next door lock installation project.

Deadbolt door lock installation


Use screws that are 3" or longer to ensure that the screws are being secured into the wall as well, an additional safety precaution.

Avoid splintering by holding a piece of wood (as a counter pressure) against the wood you are drilling into.

For best security on an entry door, make sure you buy a dead bolt that has a key on both sides, not the kind that has a key on one side and a latch on the other. The latter version does not offer the security that is intrinsic to these types of door locks. With a latch dead bolt, a burglar simply has to break the glass or other easy entranceway shortcut and turn the latch to gain entrance to your home. (For this same reason, never leave the key in the dead bolt.)

Screw holes always go on the inside of your door (otherwise a burglar can just unscrew the knob/lock and walk right in).

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