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There's an old entertainment industry adage: "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage."

The reference, of course, is to making sure a producer has a killer script. Nothing else is as important as the foundational framework.

This is equally true when it comes to building your website.  The script (copy) matters. It must be be both riveting and compelling or your conversion rate will always be puny.

But there's yet another aspect that plays a leading role in conversions: the ease with which your visitors are able to navigate through your site without becoming lost, confused or frustrated.

No copywriter in the world can save the Titanic. If your online visitors keep hitting snags, you'll lose them within heartbeats to a competitor who "gets it" and insists on offering a user-friendly, welcoming online experience. And how quickly word of your website spreads—good or bad—in the age of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media phenomena.

To ensure happier customers, additional positive word-of-mouth traffic, and more money for your cause or business, it's worthwhile to run usability tests with web visitors of differing skill levels to help you document where the hiccups and hold-ups are on your site so you can correct them to streamline and enhance your visitors' online experience.

To be sure, every website has problems. Some are bigger than others. In rare instances, a complete makeover may be necessary, but that scenario is extremely rare. In most cases, navigation is simply too confusing—there are too many "off-ramps" that make a visitor feel frantic or confused; links may not connect to what visitors are expecting to find when they click; there may be a problem with loading time, the shopping cart or checkout process, and other anomalies.

Without a doubt, usability testing can be pricey. The big guns in the usability testing market have no trouble getting $5K-$40K for a single test. But price and the time requirements of extensive testing are serious downsides for most small and medium-sized businesses.  

At DLeVine.com you get a test at a fraction of the cost (starting at $900), fix the problems, and run another test to find new problems. Doing this just a few times, you get a navigation-friendly site that works like a charm. You would have to run more than nineteen tests at DLeVine.com to equal the cost of just ONE test at a large firm.

DLeVine.com guarantees to find at least three easy-to-implement "fixes" that will help make a website more intuitive to all-level users and easier to navigate or you don't pay a dime. The company's testers come from all experience levels, so nothing problematic is missed. Each test takes about a week (pricier tests at other companies take weeks or months) and comes with a complete PDF report of the findings and suggested fixes for each of them. Best of all, the tests are run off-site (via remote access) so there is no down-time for your employees or customers.

To find out more about Usability testing for less, visit DLeVine.com.

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