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All about portable generators

All about portable generators

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All about portable generators

Portable generators belong to the category of generators. These generators are good for temporary use like black outs, outdoor parties, camping or concerts. Broadly they are divided into two categories- one is handcart and the second one is hand held. If the battery of the car is creating any kind of problem then you can start it with the help of hand held generators. It can also be used to run appliances like cell phone or laptops as they require low power. Handcart generators are coming with thousand or two thousand watts. Thousand watts is being used to run 1 or 2 small items at the same time and two thousand watt generator is being used for running various appliances.

Before purchasing a portable generator an important thing that you should check is that whether the generator you are purchasing is capable and suitable for the workload for which you want to buy it. Calculate the amount of energy required to run appliances that needs to be connected with the generator. The size of the device does not tell the amount of watts needed. A refrigerator takes seven hundred watts whereas an electric kettle takes thousand to five thousand watts.

Generator has various health hazards too. It produces carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas for the human body as it goes inside the human respiratory system and combines with the hemoglobin. It stops the supply of oxygen to the cells of the body and this leads to the death of the person. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas and it is colorless and odorless. Smoke that is being produced by the generator can create problems like asthma. Other hazards are fire, electrocution and electric shock. It is advisable to operate generators always in open so that there is no risk of fire or harmful gases. Keep generator away from the home so that no harmful gases like carbon monoxide and smoke enters in the house. Wind can blow carbon monoxide into the house and it can create severe health troubles to the family members. It is due to this reason you should take extra precautions while using a generator.

Generator should be kept outside the house and on the platform that is made up of stone, concrete, metal or wood etc. It should be placed under a canopy and 10 feet away from any kind of opening towards house.

So while buying a generator you should keep various things in mind like-

  1. Generator should be environment friendly and it should release lesser amount of carbon monoxide and smoke.
  2. It should not create noise pollution or in other words it should be quiet.
  3. Buy generator from a reliable source or company.
  4. It should be fuel efficient.
  5. Portability- if you have lesser space then portability is one such factor that you need to keep in mind while buying a generator.

Keep all the above points in mind as they can help you in purchasing the good quality portable generators. Also you can visit ,http://www.unclebobstips.com/Fireplace_Maintenance.asp for more information.

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