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Adjustable wood garage shelves offer durability and versatility

Adjustable wood garage shelves offer durability and versatility

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Adjustable wood garage shelves offer durability and versatility

If you feel your garage is filled with enormous stuff with several things lying on the floor and needs to be better organized, then you need to go in for garage shelving. People enjoy installing garage shelves themselves. In order to have an organized garage, it is necessary to have garage shelves. For that, you need to plan garage shelving properly. A lot of ideas for garage shelving can be obtained from the Internet. Having garage shelves makes it very convenient to store all the tool parts and other items in a garage in a systematic manner. It is easy to order garage shelving units online and they shall be delivered at your doorstep.

First and foremost, you need to make a complete list of things present in the garage and the ones that need to be added. Out of the list, the things that are not needed in the garage must be either sold or donated to someone in need.

After having decided on the location and the size of the garage shelves, an estimate has to be made on the amount of material that is required. You can make garage shelves with wood, plastic material or metal. There are adjustable wood garage shelves that are constructed from industrial grade material which is very sturdy. Having adjustable wood garage shelves offers you flexibility to place different things properly. It could be storing your camping and sports gear, various cleaning equipments, gardening equipment, etc.

In order to have durable adjustable wood shelves, you can go in for solid fir, pine wood or plywood. Particle board can also be used for wood shelves. Fir has more strength as compared to pine but price-wise, pine is cheaper than fir. In case you want the shelves to be deeper than one foot, then you must opt for plywood.

For any shelf, the span should not be above 48". If light stuff is to be put on the shelves, then an ideal choice would be 1" thick lumber that has a span of 32". If the shelves are going to be used for storing heavy stuff, then a 2" thick lumber with a span of 22"-24" would be ideal. In case you opt for particle board for your shelves, then the spans should be shorter.

Unfinished adjustable wood garage shelves are a good choice as they are long-lasting and versatile in nature. They are not expensive also. You can get them painted in the color you desire or just go in for its rugged look. See that you not overload your shelves. If you need to put heavy items, try to load the shelves in an even manner or put the heavy items on the sides of the shelves rather than in the middle.

Go for adjustable wood garage shelves as they offer you flexibility to store all your items in a very neat and organized manner. You can store all the items in a very convenient manner so that they can be accessed easily. For more tips about adjustable wood garage shelves, simply visit the following website,


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