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Adjustable Wood Garage Shelves

Adjustable Wood Garage Shelves

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The typical family garage usually becomes the dumping ground for all of the odds and ends that don't belong anywhere else. To clean and organize it seems like such a daunting task that many put it off indefinitely. If you are contemplating organizing your garage you will probably come to the realization that you need to move a lot of the stuff sitting on the floor onto accessible shelving. Adjustable wood garage shelves can play an important part in your organizing strategy. Adjustable wood garage shelves are great for a variety of uses including the storage of camping gear, gardening equipment, sporting gear, and cleaning equipment.

What materials make for long-lasting adjustable wood garage shelves? They can be made from solid fir or pine, plywood, or particle board. Fir is stronger than pine, however pine is less expensive. Plywood is best for shelves more than 12 inches deep.

A good rule of thumb when planning your shelving: no shelf should have a span of more than 48 inches. For light loads, 1 inch thick lumber spanning 32 inches is ideal. If you are planning a medium or heavy load then the span should be no more than 24 inches or use a 2 inch thick lumber.

Heavy particle board shelves tend to sag, regardless of the load; if you use particle board, keep the spans very short.

A sturdy wooden shelf with a 12 inch depth can usually hold up to 150 lbs per shelf, and a shelf with an 18 inch depth can hold up to approximately 225 pounds.

If you want to save money consider purchasing unfinished wood. Unfinished wood shelving is durable and versatile. It can be easily stained or painted to complement any design, or left unfinished for a rugged look. Unfinished wood may contain knots and different colorations which are characteristic of natural wood.

Adjustable Shelving Hardware
Track systems are the most popular way to hang a series of adjustable shelves. There are two types of systems: tracks and brackets or tracks and clips. Generally, tracks and brackets are hung on a wall and tracks and clips are used within a cabinet frame or other enclosed area.

Brackets are available in several styles and finishes; the most common sizes accomodate 8, 10 or 12 inch deep shelves, but some systems will support shelves up to 24 inches deep. For heavy loads use industrial systems.

If possible, tracks should be fastened to wall studs, especially if your shelves will bear a lot of weight. If you need to fasten tracks to wall coverings alone, you'll need spreading anchors or toggle bolts for the job. If your walls are block, brick, or solid concrete, you'll have to use masonry fasteners.

Safety Precaution: Always wear safety glasses when drilling holes in masonry or driving masonry nails.

Tips for Wood Shelves

Adjustable wood garage shelves are an excellent way to keep your garage neatly organized. They give you much needed flexibility when it comes to storing all of your gear in a convenient and accessible manner.

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