4-Hour Body: The Unofficial Review Guide

4-Hour Body: The Unofficial Review Guide

Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger (p.405)

Effortless Superhuman (p.406)

The Effortless Superhuman Protocol (p.408) (3x per week)

  • Dynamic stretching before each session ("over-unders," detailed later).
  • One of the following, five minutes rest between sets:
    • Bench press:1 2 - 3 sets of 2 - 3 reps or
    • Push-ups: 10 - 12 reps2
  • Conventional deadlift to knees, 2 - 3 sets of 2 - 3 reps at 85 - 95% of 1-repetition max (1RM). Time under tension should be less than 10 seconds per set. For deadlift sets:
    • Plyometrics are performed immediately after the end of each set (box jumps3 of various heights × 4 - 6 reps)
    • Take five minutes rest in between sets, with the five-minute countdown starting after plyometrics
  • Core exercise, 3 - 5 sets of 3 - 5 reps (isometric holds)
  • Static stretching
  • This strength training protocol allows running immediately after strength training, eliminating the need for a time-consuming split training. No lifts are done to failure.
  • Besides "over-unders" performed prior to the first exercise, there are no warm-ups in the workout. Over-unders are executed as follows:
    • Using a power rack or hurdles, set one pin/hurdle to approximately 30 - 32 inches and the other at waist height. Squat low enough to step sideways under the lower pin/hurdle, then immediately step over the higher one. That is one repetition.
    • Do not use your hands or put them on your legs.
    • Repeat six to seven times. Then move directly into work sets.
  • To estimate your 1-rep max (1RM) in a given exercise, just multiply your 5-rep max weight x 1.2.
  • The Basic Rule: Less Than 10 Seconds
  • As a general guideline, we don't want time under tension for exercise sets to exceed 10 seconds, as we want to minimize lactic acid production.
  • Though lactic acid (often felt as muscle "burn") can be helpful in some circumstances, it can also delay recovery.

The New and Improved Trinity (p.412)

  • COMPETITION CONDITIONING - get speed up by walking, as fast as possible for 15 minutes, 3 times per week.
  • MAXIMAL STRENGTH - perform the following workout three times per week with 5 minute rests per set. (page 414 has illustrations and photos)
    • Dynamic stretch before each session: over-and-unders × 6 - 7 reps, no more than 5 minutes. No static stretching.
    • One of the following at each session (time under tension should be less than 15 seconds per set):
    • Bench press: 1 set of 2 - 3 @ 95% 1RM, followed by 1 set of 5 @ 85% 1RM or
    • Push-ups: 10 - 12 reps (same as in earlier program)
    • If you choose bench press and if equipment permits, perform plyometrics (four to five reps) immediately after bench-press sets.
    • Deadlift, 1 set of 2 - 3 @ 95% 1RM, followed by 1 set of 5 @ 85% 1RM.
    • Core exercise: the Torture Twist, 3 - 5 sets of 3 - 5 reps (30 seconds between sets).

The Rule of 10 Reps (p.419)

  • Use two to three "global" compound exercises (e.g., the deadlift and the bench press).
  • Lift three times a week (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Do your conditioning and supplementary work on separate days, practice your sport skills six days a week, and take one day off completely.
  • Focus on sets of two or three reps. Two reps is the most preferred rep choice of theRussian National Weight Lifting Team.
  • In all cases, complete approximately 10 reps per lift per workout (e.g., three sets of three, five sets of two, etc.).
  • Never train to failure, and always leave at least one to two reps "in the bank."
  • Rest for five minutes between sets.
  • Finish your workout feeling stronger than when you started.

Eating the Elephant: How to Add 100 Pounds to Your Bench Press (p.425)

  • Bench press will be trained once per week, and in each session, you will train three grips: competitive grip, the most powerful grip; wide grip, which builds starting power; and narrow grip, which builds finishing power.
  • 12 week phase I press cycle is charted on page 427.
  • 6 week phase II is charted on page 429.
  • 9 week phase III is charted on pages 429-430.

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